Archives with extension are accepted .zip, .rar или 7z.

All files for uploading must be packed into one archive.

All previews are upnloaded in a separate archive.

All file names should be written in Latin only. Instead of spaces “_” or “-”. All paths to textures should also be in Latin only.

If you upload several files for different versions of programs or for different renders, this information should be contained in the name of the corresponding files.

For example:










If the archive contains the Unreal Engine format, then there must be a separate folder with the name UE in which the Content folder with the content for the Unreal Engine platform is nested.

The main file should contain only what is shown in the preview. Trash geometry, unnecessary light sources and cameras are not allowed in the file, if this is not a ready-made scene for rendering, in which case it is necessary to indicate this in the title and description.

If you have used any third-party plugins, be sure to indicate this in the description for the model.


All previews must be square.

The minimum size is 700 x 700 px.

Model mesh preview is required.

It is advisable not to place the trademark logo on the preview, if you are not the owner of this trademark, this product can be removed from the site at the request of the trademark owner.

Preview format .jpg

The preview should contain only the geometry that is in the scene.


The product is uploaded in your personal account in the section Upload.

Carefully fill in the items on the upload page so that they are fully consistent with your product.

For example, you can download a ready-made chair model for free.