Any user who has registered on the website in the status of a vendor can become an author and display their products on In exchange for the right to be an author and download content with a license to use it on, you warrant that you have read, understand and accept these terms for authors.

  If you do not accept these terms of use for authors, you should refrain from uploading content to the Website Database.

  By checking the box “I have read and agree to the Author Terms.” and by uploading any content to the Website Database, you agree to the terms in this document. This agreement is valid for the entire period of your use of the Service and during the period of availability of the downloaded content in the Database of the Website.

This document is an official offer addressed to users of in order to conclude an agreement on the terms set out below.



User is an individual who has reached the age of at least 16 years and has created an account on the website in the status of a buyer or seller.

Buyer is an individual who has reached the age of at least 16 years and has created an account on the website in the status of a buyer or seller for further use of the service in accordance with the terms for buyers.

Vendor is an individual who has reached the age of at least 16 years and has created an account on the website in the status of a vendor for further use of the service in accordance with the terms for authors.

Content is any material published on the Site, including but not limited to 3D models, textures, plugins, collections, packages, materials, scripts, shapes, FAQs, words, music, films, images, software, code and any other information.

Product is any Content uploaded to the Website Database in such a way that is offered by the Seller to potential Customers for purchase or free download. In addition, the Product may include a number of separate files of various formats to make it easier for Clients to work with various software applications (such as 3ds Max, Blender, Unreal Engine and others), and may also include other files (for example, jpeg images, used for texturing) and images or other files used for advertising purposes. For Clients and their use in Creation, this definition also includes derivatives and intermediate files used for this purpose.

Website – the website hosted on the Internet using the domain name.



  Once the vendor has uploaded the content for sale to the website, it is made available to buyers and downloaders to use in accordance with the buyer’s terms and conditions.

By putting up his products for sale, the author guarantees that:

– The product is his original work and does not contain copyright materials of any kind, the owner of which is not the vendor;

– The vendor has the full right and authority to enter into and execute this agreement, and also received all third-party consents necessary to enter into this agreement;

– The product does not violate and will not infringe on copyrights, patents, trademarks, trade secrets or other property rights of third parties, publicity or confidentiality rights, or moral rights;

– The product does not and will not violate any laws, statutes, regulations or rules;

– The Product is not defamatory, defamatory, pornographic, obscene or hateful Content of any kind;

– The product does not contain and will not contain any viruses or other program codes that adversely affect computer systems or data;

– The Product does not contain any material for which, as a condition of use, additional licensing restrictions are required, such as the requirement to publish the source code or the Product limiting the commercial use of the included Product;

– All statements of fact that the Vendor has made and will make are true and complete. The Seller agrees to execute and deliver documents to and (or) the Buyer, upon their reasonable request, which confirm or exercise their rights under this agreement.

– The product matches the description and preview that the Vendor provides along with the product.

When your product is sold on, you receive a percentage of the actual value at that moment on the site (royalties). The amount of royalties at the moment is 50%, that is, after the sale, the author will receive 50% of the cost of the product.



  On, a fixed cost of goods for all categories, except for the categories Tutorials, Plugins and Scripts, Complete projects, Packs and costs 11 US dollars.

If the author estimates his content to be of great value, then he can place it in the Complete projects or Packs section and set his value by writing through the contact form or by e-mail at



  For successful moderation, you need to read the upload instructions.

Moderation can take from 1 to 3 days.



  In order for us to be able to pay you your funds, you need to fill in the details in your personal account in the section Vendor dashboard > Settings > Payment.

The withdrawal request is made in the section Vendor dashboard > Withdraw > Withdraw Request.

Minimum Withdraw amount: $50.00

The withdrawal fee is 2% of the amount and is made only to bank cards of Russian banks in rubles. For withdrawal to international banks and other currencies, write to us at as there may be additional fees from your financial institution.

Payment is due within 10 days after the request is sent.



The Vendor is solely and solely responsible for the payment of any taxes and fees associated with activities on the website.